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What Are the Signs I Need Pipe Relining?

There are several indicators that your pipes need relining instead of full replacement. Here are some of the most common signs:

Frequent Clogged Drains

Dealing with constant toilet blockages from debris, grease, or tree roots could indicate underlying damaged pipes. Drain pipe relining seals these cracks to prevent future clogs and improve overall flow.

Gurgling Sounds

Strange gurgling noises from your drain pipe can lead to suspicions of blockages or air pockets within damaged sections, where relining can help with prompt evaluation. As pipes corrode, sediment and debris can cause blockages when they get trapped. Relining smooths out pipe interiors for improved waste flow.

Backed Up Sewer Lines

Recurring sewage backups into your home, especially during heavy rain, suggest your sewer line may require relining due to breakage or root intrusion. Tree roots burrow into soil and through tiny pipe cracks in search of moisture, causing significant damage from the debris pipes inevitably collect. Relining stops this deterioration.

Musty Odours

Unpleasant rotting egg or sewage smells emanating from drains or around your home’s exterior signal the need to repair your pipes due to ruptured sections or loose joints. Relining seals off leaks and eliminates nasty odours at the source.

Should you notice your water flow declining from taps or shower heads, despite normal water pressure, it could be attributed to internal buildup within your pipe network. Over time corrosion and sediment accumulate, which relining can remove to restore full pressure.

Low Water Pressure

Intermittent or consistently low water pressure from fixtures A discrepancy in flow when the rest of your plumbing system seems normal often suggests an issue within your pipes, mandating a closer look at your plumbing. As corrosion, mineral deposits, and sediment accumulate over time, they gradually restrict the efficacy of your pipe system, illustrating how pipes can suffer decreased performance. Areas with excessive buildup can leave pipes blocked completely.

Pipe relining avoids the need for excavation, thus preserving your garden’s condition while removing blockages to restore water pressure and flow. The key benefits pipe relining include a structural epoxy resin coating that smoothes away internal corrosion and blockages while reinforcing weakened pipes from further damage.

Monitoring water pressure changes is essential; sewer pipe relining ensures a steady flow, especially after periods of inactivity. Sudden dips or inconsistent pressure readings, particularly in solitary sections of your plumbing, flag deteriorations that relining swiftly rectifies; securing a check-up is a good idea to prevent outright failures.

Unpleasant Drain Odors

Unpleasant odours wafting from your drains can signal issues with debris that you need know might necessitate pipe relining. As a pipe can corrode over time, cracks and gaps form which allow built-up gunk, sewage gases, and debris to accumulate. This decaying organic matter emits foul rotten egg, sewage, or musty odours into your home.

Pipe relining addresses the problem of cracks, leaks, and corrosion to prevent future drainage clogs and eliminates unpleasant drain smells at the source. Wondering how long will the pipe last with the seamless epoxy barrier? Applied during relining, it’s more robust than traditional repair methods, leaving no gaps for gases or debris to leak through and reinforcing pipe integrity.

Detecting foul odours near drains or around your home calls for precise diagnostics using our professional CCTV plumbing services. We can pinpoint problem areas using CCTV drain cameras and provide long-term odour remedies.

Frequent Drain Clogs

If you find yourself frequently dealing with clogged drains despite regular maintenance like plunging or snaking, this indicates deeper issues within your pipes. As pipes age, they’re prone to forming small cracks and gaps due to corrosion, which could signal a damaged drain, allowing debris, grease, and even tree roots to accumulate inside over time. This buildup eventually blocks water flow, causing repeat backups in damaged pipes.

Our relining service effectively addresses various pipe issues by sealing cracks and eliminating internal corrosion, preventing future blockages. The structural epoxy coating leaves no gaps for intrusions while also reinforcing weakened pipes against further damage. Choosing a pipe reline, a proven repair technique, targets the underlying causes of recurring clogs rather than just temporary fixes.

So if plunging provides only temporary relief before clogs return, consider the benefits of relining vs traditional methods by contacting our team. We can thoroughly clean pipes then apply protective sealants using minimally invasive techniques without the major disruption of full replacement.

Visible Pipe Damage

Visibly inspecting exposed pipes around your home provides important clues on whether pipe relining could be warranted before more severe damage occurs.

Take note of leaks emanating from pipe joints or water spraying from small holes indicating a damaged pipe.

Don’t just inspect your interior piping around fixtures and appliances. Catching pipe damage early, before pipe relining is necessary, maximises what can be salvaged instead of requiring full replacement.

Concerns about pipe issues often begin beneath the surface, so walk your property’s exterior checking key areas where pipes enter the home, around cleanouts and main water shutoffs. Monitor your yard, including your lawn, garden beds, and pathways, for soggy spots or patches of dead grass that might signal broken pipes with underground leaks.

If you discover any visible pipe deterioration, contact our team to set up an inspection. We’ll thoroughly assess all your piping using pipe cameras to identify sections that can relined effectively.

Based on the extent damage, we’ll advise whether sections can be reinforced through relining, or if, as a last resort, replacement is now the safer option to prevent major plumbing disasters.

Why Choose Pipe Relining Over Replacement?

Pipe relining offers a number of benefits, including serving as a minimally invasive alternative to the traditional pipe replacement route. Key advantages include:

Minimised Excavation and Property Damage

Relining’s advantage is its use of small access points, bypassing the need for trench digging across your property. Cleaning is followed by inserting flexible epoxy resin linings, ensuring it’s done meticulously – the pipe relining then cures via hot water or UV light. Our commitment is to maintain the tranquil state of your garden, landscaping, and structures through our undisturbed relining practices.

Significant Cost Savings

Selecting the pipe repair method of relining instead of complete removal and replacement slashes total project costs by 50-80%. You realise savings through:

  • Lower labour expenses
  • Faster completion times
  • Reduced materials needed
  • Little to no repair of property damage

Long Lasting Durability

Pipe relining internally simulates the condition of new pipes with structural epoxy coatings that mimic a pristine pipe surface. Your restored pipes gain a smooth, sealed inner layer that prevents deterioration from abrasive flows. You may ponder, how long does the relined pipe withstand daily use? Correctly executed pipe relining can extend your pipes’ lifespan to over 50 years.

Increased Water Flow Rates

Over time, used pipe interiors can roughen from corrosion and mineral buildup, reducing flow. Relining is a method that can create new and optimised inner pipe surfaces, allowing for less restricted water movement and efficient drainage.

Less Disruptive

Compared to replacement, the considerable advantage of pipe relining is its minimal disruption. Traditional pipe replacement requires extensive excavation to fully access and remove your existing pipes. This means jackhammering floors and trenches across gardens and lawns, resulting in major disruption, unlike the non-invasive approach of pipe lining.

Upon detecting signs of piping decay, consulting a plumber about relining through small access points is recommended. After thorough cleaning, flexible epoxy resin linings are inserted then cured with hot water or ultraviolet light. Your property remains largely undisturbed, avoiding the mess and repairs needed from digging up pipes.

Minimal excavation with pipe relining means your home or business experiences little to no disruption. While isolated sections undergo repair, water supply and drainage can be temporarily diverted to keep services flowing. We take every care to limit disturbance, ensuring the job done allows you to continue daily life uninhibited.

Contact our team if you’re seeking trenchless pipe repair and prefer the less invasive approach offered by pipe relining. Our relining service delivers structural reinforcements without destroying your property in the process.

More Cost-Effective

Pipe relining yields considerable cost savings compared to traditional replacement methods. By reinforcing your existing pipes instead of removing them, you avoid high expenses from extensive excavation, materials, labour, and property repairs.

Conventional pipe replacement often requires trench excavation across your property for pipe access. This destructive process requires jackhammering floors and landscaping then reinstalling replacements. Property damage repairs can equal or exceed the actual pipe costs.

We would typically access pipes through small exterior points, which pipe relining permits, to minimise destruction. We would insert flexible epoxy resins after a thorough clean, then cure them without the need for landscape-disrupting excavation. Your replacement costs are cut by 50-80% with minimal effect on your home or business.

The extended lifespan of relined pipes ensures long-term value. With lifespans exceeding 50 years, the investment more than pays for itself when considering the cumulative costs of ongoing pipe repairs or premature replacement. Contact our team to realise major savings through trenchless relining.

Long Lasting Solution

Pipe relining provides a long lasting solution for deteriorating pipes by reinforcing them from the inside out. The structural epoxy resins used in the relining process deliver exceptional durability and longevity.

Relining involves a specific cleaning process to prepare the pipe surface for the epoxy coating, which adheres directly to the pipe walls. Once cured, this forms a smooth, seamless barrier that seals cracks and gaps to prevent future corrosion and blockages.

Properly applied epoxy liners demonstrate what pipe relining can get through, withstanding 50+ years of continuous use without failure. So you realise tremendous value from the upgrade cost by avoiding the need for recurrent repairs or replacement when pipes eventually fail.

The process where it’s done, the resin used in pipe relining provides high impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance while adding structural integrity akin to that of new piping. And when it comes to pipe capability, the epoxy layer used in relining won’t decrease the interior diameter, thus maintaining optimal flow capacity.

By utilising the latest in trenchless pipe rehabilitation, our expert team delivers reliable solutions that stand the test of time. Pipe relining can help keep your plumbing running efficiently for decades to come through minimally invasive enhancements designed to last.

How Does Pipe Relining Work?

The pipe relining process is a multi-step trenchless repair approach that renews old piping from the inside out. The key phases include:


Our team conducts thorough interior pipe inspections, employing drain cameras to diagnose issues such as blocked drains. We use CCTV cameras for visual assessments, ensuring there are no issues like cracks, root intrusion, and corrosion buildup. Precision measurements are taken to design custom-fit reline solutions.

Cleaning & Surface Prep

We meticulously clean your entire pipe system to remove old materials, preparing the pipes for robust relining. High-pressure water jets are used to clean away scale, rust, grease, and residues, preventing premature deterioration of the pipe interior.

Epoxy Installation

We meticulously impregnate fibreglass liners with water-activated epoxy resin. Flexible linings, once inserted into the pipes through access points, coat the interior and form a robust internal wall. Once set, they form a smooth, sealed barrier.

Curing & Setting

Curing times for the epoxy vary by pipe length and resin type, with hot water pumped inside to facilitate the process. For curing, we pump hot water inside the pipes, accelerating the solidification of the epoxy barrier.

Temperatures reaching approximately 80°C expedite the hardening process.

Inspection & Testing

We thoroughly inspect the relining done using cameras again to validate integrity. We conduct pressure and flow tests for leaks to ensure pipes are service-ready post-relining. Your relined system resists corrosion, ensuring optimal flow and efficiency vital for pipe maintenance.

The Benefits of Our Pipe Relining Services

For over 15 years, our Sydney plumbing company has been providing homeowners with lasting, non-invasive pipe relining solutions.

Expert Local Knowledge

Our detailed understanding of Sydney’s diverse soil conditions and pipe materials informs our tailored solutions to suit your specific situation.

Industry-Leading Materials & Methods

We exclusively use Australian-approved safety-compliant epoxy resins and relining equipment. Our knowledgeable team ensures they’re up to date on current advancements, particularly when delivering long-lasting repairs, so you can trust the outcomes when we come out to service.

Priority Customer Service

We prioritize your satisfaction from the initial contact through to the completion of the project. You can trust in clear communication, minimal disruptions, and dedicated follow-ups to guarantee peace of mind — simply call us and we’ll handle the rest.

You can contact Ashfield Plumbing’s local expertise for trenchless pipe relining services done right the first time. Contact us at 1300 349 338 for professional assessments and advice tailored to your needs.

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